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What makes us tick

Being data-driven, using packaged models from machine learning and AI insights to guide our health decisions, we can lead better lives.

Our team of developers and data scientists have 35+ years of experience between them.


Keep what is yours!

We strongly believe in privacy. We're not into gathering what is actually yours. In contrast to some of the data hoggers out there our solutions and apps run locally on your device and also keep your data locally.

Keep your health data to yourself. We only act on public data and will never snoop upon your health.

Our upcoming health app

A sneak peek of the features to be

Analyzing your activity metrics

Comparing your excercises to health guidelines


The features we're working on


Tech as your personal coach

Using the health data you device gathers you already have much of the information you need. Health Intelligence is massaging these data to give you insight.


Strive for life balance

Balance is crucial both in life and in excercise. Only push the envelope a bit at the time to not disrupt your individual balance.


How do you stack up?

Using artificial intelligence (AI) your accomplishments are compared to established health guidelines from international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO).


Keep track of your improved health

Gain insight on your improved health by time series analysis.

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